Top Video Gaming Fitments

Got a new video game console? You must understand that buying the console is just the first in a series of many steps. You are going to have to spend some more money purchasing an assortment of accessories that will make it easier all the same for your o make the best use of your video gaming consoles. From PlayStation Cooling Stands to Xbox One battery replacements, what you buy will really depend on the kind of console you are using, and what is needed to improve its end-game user experience. In this article, we highlight a number of video gaming fitments that will help make your gaming better.

  • Xbox One Controller Keyboard – this is a handy Xbox fitment that allows you to update your profile, instant message, email and as well communicate with your friends via easy text input. It’s a great tool to add to your Microsoft gaming console.
  • PS4 Wireless Mini Bluetooth Keyboard – if you chose the PlayStation 4 as your console of choice, this accessory is a perfect fit that works super easy on your device. It’s easy to operate and making typing super easy. It’s the one thing you need to make text input and communication on your PS4 much easier.
  • Xbox One Power Supply AC Adapter – Most times, something will happen to your original power supply cord and you just can’t use it any more. To make sure that your game time isn’t interrupted by a faulty power cord, you can get this accessory altogether and be on the safe side.
  • PS4 Vertical Stand – one of the most popular accessories for the PlayStation 4, the vertical stand is a multi-purpose accessory that enhances the user experience on the PS4. To start with, it holds your console in vertical placement for better safety and so as to free up room in your space. It’s also fitted with a cooling fan and also provides a dual charging station for both your DualShock controllers.
  • Wii Sensor Bar USB Replacement – For gamers who’re using the Nintendo Wii, you have this cool accessory that enhances your overall user experience. The Wii Sensor Bar USB replacement works with the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Wii U and also the PC. It’s made to receive signals from Nintendo’s Wii console, play your emulators via USB plug, and also offers a great replacement accessory for your default Wii sensor bar.

Most of these accessories can be purchased at an affordable price at or

Video Game Genre: Music

One of the latest additions among the video gaming genres is the music video game genre. It is a video gaming genre that revolves around a player’s capability of connecting with the music embedded in the game. This genre is mainly played because it provides good entertainment for its players.

This game genre comes in many forms. Some of these games require a movement of the part of the body such as the arms or the feet and this is to be detected by sensors. There are also music video games that utilize the whole of the body of the player with the help of sensors. The most famous examples for this type of video games would be the Dance Revolution playable in arcade, wii, and other sensor-type consoles.

Except for those that require sensors, there are also music video games that require actual singing. These games are usually played by using the microphone attached with the console. The objective of this type of game is to impress the judges (if there be any) or reach a particular score to proceed to the next level. A good example for this game would be The Voice Game App available for smart phones and tablets.

Of course, music would not be complete without including the musical instruments. There are also type of games where playing a musical instrument is required. Although it is not exactly the same with how musical instruments are operated in reality, the instruments used for this type of game somehow gives a gamer an idea of how hard (or easy) it is to play musical instruments. This may come into a solo instrument or the whole set of instruments. It may also combine with the game involving the use of voice. An example for this game is Guitar Hero.

This game genre also has a keyboard type game. This classification determines the speed of the brain and hand coordination of a gamer. Usually, the game is played by hitting the correct buttons which corresponds to the music tune. And this is usually very fast which serves as a challenge to the players.

All in all, whatever forms the music video game may take; it is one of the video game genres that is very entertaining to the gamers.

The History of Sony’s PlayStation

PlayStation is a famous video game console developed by Sony. It is one of the video game consoles that defined the boundaries and possibilities of gaming. This article will discuss the history of gaming and why it has a great impact to the world of gaming.

Sony first introduced PlayStation in Japan on December 1994. That date marks the new revolution in the video gaming community. Its introduction changed the way video games are being developed. Because of the relatively high specs of the PlayStation console during its introduction, the video game developers started to move towards games with high graphics and a longer playing time before it will be finally defeated. From its introduction date, Sony PlayStation already sold more or less 100 million units around the world.

6 years after, the record holder for the most units of PlayStation sold was introduced, Sony PlayStation’s successor: The PlayStation 2. More advanced games arose when the PS2 was introduced. This did not only affect the PS2 games but also games in other consoles such as the PC games. There is also a need to improve the graphics of other game consoles so that it will not be behind against the PS2 console. This is another move of the PS2 game developer that paved the way for the improvement of the gaming industry. PS2 sold more than 150 million units since its introduction from the year 2000.

The games just keep on being advanced because of the new introduction of Sony PlayStation in 2006, the Sony PlayStation 3. Considering that the graphic driver of PS3 is NVIDIA’s RSX-Reality Synthesizer, it only means that the graphic moved on to a new level. With such driver, the PS3 is capable of emitting faster frame per second rates and clear game setting details. Sony also stepped up its internal storage by increasing its memory storage limit to 500 gigabytes.

And on 2013, the latest Sony PlayStation game console, PlayStation 4 was introduced in the market. As compared to PlayStation 3, it has higher specs and more features. It is also capable of showing games in a very high definition manner taking into consideration the tiniest bit of details of the video games. It sold almost 1 million units within 24 hours from its introduction.

There are already four consoles introduced by the Sony PlayStation brand. Because of the advance capabilities that goes along with it every time a new PlayStation console is introduced, the other game consoles have to step their game up and also advance their consoles. This is why Sony PlayStation is one of the leading trendsetters in the video gaming community.

Titan Souls

Titan Souls discovering the world of the Titan Souls, this is a spiritual uprising of all living things. Among the fallout yet guarded by the idle Titans, arises amidst all the captivating atmosphere is a Single hero who is armed with a singular arrow seeking truth and power and justice.

As well as other deep mind penetrating games Titan Souls  offers   a  much  shorter version  with the same  type of excitement, offering enjoyable, torture, malice, and challenges, it also offers a very captivating environment that you can imagine yourself in, just like other mind blowing games. So many games now a days offer the end of the world type atmosphere this one leaves no stone unturned in that department.

If you like to lose yourself in a mind captivating game that offers it all leaving you with new challenges in every level, never dull always exciting giving you that extra push to achieve more not a bubble game or a candy relaxing type setting, but all the action you can handle, so get ready to leap into action and make your way through the world of the Titans.

You will experience screams of torture using language you didn’t know existed in you. Driving you to your limit until finally you reach into that grey bag and pull out that one single arrow and say dam it all I’m going for it. Hopefully the next game or sequel from the land of the Titans will offer much more challenges but for now we think we have captured the reality of epic boss games, so come take the challenge and see if we have met your expectations in this game. The year of 2015 only got better in the gaming world. Are you ready for this nail biting, stomping screaming version of an epic boss game? We promise you won’t be disappointed.